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Colorful NATURE-inspired paintings which resonate with a profound visual message of honoring the natural terrain. We were engaged by your love of nature in your exotic Floral Reverie "FLOWERS" where you capture the eternal beauty of the natural realm as you convey the invisible within the visible of the terrestrial kingdom. Your dazzingly chromatic "DEEP SEA" ethereally glorifies the majesty and timeliness of of our universe as you radiate the divinity of nature and is a triumph of personal expression. In addition, we enjoyed your beautiful and joyful color palette in "SACRE COEUR" with your enchanting reverie. with its exciting tonal combinations which passionately reveals the eternal quality of life. We delighted in your huetopian tones "SPRING" which lyrically resonates with an ephemeral dynamism as you inspire us to rejoice in the splendor of the world.


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